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Lov'in blood

   Directed by Vincent Monnet

With : Aurore Paris, Charlotte Valandrey, Dominique Besnehard, Pierre Mondy, Bruno Chiche, Xavier de Guillebon, Isabelle Habiague, Thomas Jouannet, Patrice Maktav, Gilles Masson, Clément Vanderberg, Françoise Pinkwasser, Romain Rondeau, Aurore Auteuil, Benjamin Baclet, Stéphane Coulon, Simon Bellouard, Antoine Laurent, Sophie Bourdon, ...

A 90 minutes television film, directed by Vincent Monnet on a screenplay by Emmanuel and Gabriel Carrère, dialogues and adaptation made by Vincent Monnet and Jean Arcelin, taken from Charlotte Valandrey's autobiography, best-seller in bookshops.

Original music composed by Alain Wizniak and Alexis Rault.

State of play : In DVD

Dates :
27th of November 2008
  The story begins in the eighties, when Charlotte is discovered by Dominique Besnehard during the casting of "Hors la loi". She will finally be the interpreter of "Rouge Baiser" directed by Vera Belmont and begins her career with a nomination for the French Cesar and a prize of interpretation at the Berlin Festival.
Anne-Charlotte Pascal, 15 years old, abruptly left the life of a carefree teenager to become Charlotte Valandrey, the sensational heroine of the movie "Rouge Baiser". Twenty years later, in the Salpétrière hospital, doctors transplanted her with a new heart.
It is this itinerary that the actress tells us in the movie. Firstly, we see the roguish kid suffocated by a bourgeois life which does not look like her; then we watch the girl that entered quite hard and without any prevention the whirlwind of success and at the scenes of the ruthless world of the movie and TV industry; finally, the young lady with a too soft heart, in a desperate quest for love. A romantic existence, made up of key meetings, missed opportunities, difficult and passionate love, love, human immoderation, � A desire to live 'despite everything' and to find a new breath.
More than a witness, it is a true breathtaking story about love and life.

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