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  Mon Voisin Productions has been founded in 2006 by Dominique Besnehard and Michel Feller. The two partners have a joint goal: audience-oriented movies, with both creative screenplays and strong narrative ambition. They share a profound taste for sharply written screenplays as well as values and aspirations structuring their line up and production policy.

Mon Voisin Productions has produced movies about relationships always developed in social contexts : movies dedicated to cinema like "The night clerk" directed by Raphael Jacoulot and "Maddened by his absence" directed by Sandrine Bonnaire and fictions for television like "Atmosphere of love" directed by Caroline Huppert and "Lov’in blood" directed by Vincent Monnet.

Mon Voisin Productions aims to develop popular movies like "Big is beautiful" directed by Charlotte de Turkheim and also movies with international scope like "Two mothers" directed by Anne Fontaine.
A department dedicated to short movies has been set up since 2011.

Its objective is to discover young talented artists.

This year, the department has produced the 20th edition of Talents Cannes Adami.

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